Build an indoor vertical garden

How to Green Your Home (Part 1): Build an Indoor Vertical Garden from SUMMER RAYNE OAKES on Vimeo.

When in NYC, you have to be creative with your space. After filling up just about every horizontal surface with flora, I turned to the wall for inspiration. My friend Kyle introduced me to Kari and Edwin from Mingo Designs, both of whom came over to create a most wonderful indoor vertical garden – equipped with a subirrigation system and 15 different species of plants – from philodendrons to sword ferns.

One of the best parts of the living wall system that Kari and Edwin created is that it’s semi-mobile, so I can pop the plants in and out. Since its creation over a month ago, I have swapped out a couple different plants and have closer to 20 species, including a Stephanotis (Hawaiian wedding vine) and some Ficus repens (Creeping fig).

Another perk to the wall is that it’s hooked up to a subirrigation system, so instead of water coming down from the top or the sides, it waters the plants from the bottom – so the plants are able to “sip” the water when they are thirsty. Yes, that means I do not have to water the plants…just maintain them by clipping and pulling off any dead leaves. Check out the video above to see it all come together.

This video will be the first in a three-part series on How to Green Your Home. So you’ll have to stay tuned here, because we have some other new activities coming up including How to Build a Mason Jar Herb Garden and How to Turn Your Closet into a Kitchen Grow Garden. But who knows, I may get inspired to do more, especially since I’m getting so many nice letters from friends about how these greenspirations have been enough for them to get their own green walls and mason jar gardens. Thanks for sharing.


  • Kari puts in a sword fern to the green wall.

  • A close-up on the vertical garden.

  • A rabbit's foot fern peeks out from the living wall.

  • Petting the rabbit's foot fern

  • Kari and I check out the plants.

  • Placing one of the begonias into the wall.

  • Checking out the nearly finished vertical garden.

  • Kari puts on the finishing touches to the wall.

  • Not bad, what do you think?

  • Pruning the palms.

  • Repotting my plants.


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