eXtinction the film launches online

With much anticipation, eXtinction – an environmental art short produced last year – has finally launched online.

1. Your film highlights some of the greatest environmental challenges happening right now. How do you feel you get that point across in such a short amount of time?
SRO: The film humanizes loss. It gives the viewer a way to contextualize the speed of ecosystem degradation by giving us a chilling reminder of our own mortality. It is my hope that the film will touch the viewer’s soul by highlighting our collective vulnerability.

2. Works like Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka have inspired your film but eXtinction opts for a simpler storyline and equally arresting visuals. Why?
SRO: The combination of striking images, timeless music, and a powerful underlying message ought to create a spiritual experience. It is meant to be concise and direct; it neither indulges in excessive pedantry nor proselytizes an environmental ideology. It simply reveals the beauty of our natural world, and spotlights what we stand to lose within a lifetime.

3. What’s the significance of having a shorter film?
SRO: We consume more and more media in shorter and shorter sound bites. In a way, my team and I wanted to create something powerful but potent that would grip the viewer. In a way, I consider it an impassioned and artfully executed Public Service Announcement for Planet Earth.

4. What is your hope for the outcome of eXtinction?
SRO: Quite simply — to move people, to wrest them from slumber, to spur them into action. To give us [the viewers] a way to feel human again, to really reconnect with the world. To rethink our potential. To recognize the limitations of our species. I hand-selected ten organizations on the eXtinction website that I believe are adequately addressing some of the issues in the film. It would be amazing if more people lend their support, or actively get involved in protecting the planet. Indeed, healing our earth.

5. What’s next on your agenda for 2013? Can we expect more films?
SRO: eXtinction is very personal for me — it is something of a cinematic glimpse into my soul. The process of making it inspired me. And I’m delighted that it has resonated with audiences. I’ll be filming more short-format episodic shows in 2013, dealing with environment, health and wellness. You can also check out what we’re building at Above Live or just follow me on my website.


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