Modeling, Marriage, Children & Independence with Kate Dillon

After working for nearly two decades in the fashion industry and the first size 8 model to be featured in Vogue, Kate Dillon-Levin has seemed to continue to defy all odds. Now a wife, mother and with degrees in poli-sci from the University of St. Thomas and a Masters from Harvard’s Kennedy School, Kate continues to forge ahead with beauty, style, grace and honesty. In this fourth episode of the SRO Conversations series, Kate opens up with long-time friend Summer Rayne Oakes about growing older; how having children changes your life; keeping marriage interesting; struggles of an independent woman; and the world of fashion modeling and it’s impact on body image and the rest of the world.

This honest, eye-opening discussion will no doubt help women (and men) understand their relationship better and also bring to light the seemingly elitist and mysterious world of modeling and fashion.

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