Style, Naturally: DC – party across party lines!

Juleanna Glover hosted a really lovely book launch party at her house the day after I gave my talk at the Corcoran Gallery. I know one of my enviro-buddies began hyper-ventilating when he found out that she was the principal advisor for John Ashcroft, Ex-VP Dick Cheney, la la la. (What can I say, you gotta play nicely in the sandbox with others!) But it was such a fabulous night; Juleanna knows how to throw a party; and it definitely was a diverse mix of party lines, which I loo-vve. It was kinda cool though, I must admit. I mean, how often do you get The Ambassador of Yemen, the founder of Tweezerman, Ambassador of Brazil, a host of environmental non-profits, some fashion folks, the CEO of Bono’s ONE Campaign, and a range of others in one room and walking away with Style, Naturally? I assure you, it doesn’t happen every day!

Photos: Pepper Watkins

Richard Graves (Fired Up Media) and I chat about his latest work.

Yvette Castro (Fashion Fights Poverty-by-night; mechanical engineer-by-day) and Dal LaMagna (a.k.a. Tweezerman)

With the host, Juleanna Glover.

Alongside Emily and the famous Linus Chen (for all you Udallers who want to know what he looks like!) I love how all are arms are linked in the mirror behind us. Plus you can spy the back of my Doucette Duval dress I got over at That necklace is by Ecco Domani sustainability award winner, Monique Pean. And I was wearing those great Charmone Shoes.

Julia and I just have to laugh. Do you recognize that dress she is wearing? (inside joke to readers of Style, Naturally)

Look at Adam slaving away over there and Jake talking it up with the headhunter.


Matt Roberts’ (DC Green Examiner) and his new friends.

Always yapping about something.

Lucas bought a copy of the book for his mother for Mother’s Day!

Gregg (African Wildlife Foundation) is flanked by two very stylish D.C. guests

Gregg and I shared a nice meal the day before the event and talked Mozambique.

Jake, Rodney and Lucas

Jasmine (on right) did my makeup and hair for the evening! Look how stunning she looks.

The End!

Photos: Pepper Watkins


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