Talk on "environment" shifts among influencers

Tucson, AZ – August 2008.  I headed back to the Udall 2008 Scholarship outing in Tucson – birthplace of the Udall tribe, many who are running for office or chatting up climate change/water issues now. What a time! Marcos and Melissa invited me back as an alumna to speak on Environment+Capitalism–a talk that spurred a lot of controversy and conversation.

It was a great group – and I’m not saying that because it’s nice to say; I’d tell you if they sucked ;o) – But for real, I was thrilled to see a larger tribal leader contingent there (think we had 11 total); Sarah Brokenleg rocks ass; great to shoot the shit with Scott and Liz; laugh it out with the group during Nikolai’s and Daniel’s  painfully truthful “Penis Monologues.” Fu*king Brilliant; and seriously get down to some deep conversation….Yes a group that can laugh and labor together…stays together.

I noted that the conversation has shifted among this group of influencers. Talk on environmental and social justice, equal rights dominates the conversation–something that was not being discussed even a few years back. A few years ago the conversation was, “How do we create a unified movement?” The scholars recognized that the base of the movement has been formed. In fact, many were impressed to find out that the foundation for Energy Action and the youth climate change movement that have touched so many of our lives and campuses–was borne out of the 2003 Udall group. So questions that were top-of-mind were not “What can we do,” but “What more can we do?

Melissa is right. This is a pretty damn clever group bound to empower many.

Summer Rayne Oakes and Liz Veazey attack Andrew Lee

Liz and I kick Andrew’s ass after the Environment + Capitalism talk. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying it.

Andrew Lee gets clobbered by Summer Rayne Oakes and Liz Veazey

Spidey arms!

Summer Rayne Oakes, Andrew Lee, and Liz playing nicely

This picture was taken just to throw you off. We’re not really normal.

Scott Perez and Summer Rayne Oakes in Tucson, AZ

Scott and I at the Tucson Desert Museum.

Rattlesnake Master

Rattlesnake master

Ryan lathers up

Ryan’s impermeable reptilian skin wouldn’t absorb the sunscreen.

Joe Bitar monkeying it out at Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ

Joe B. mokeys it out above the crowd. Sorry I didn’t bring my gear to go camping afterwards!

Udall Scholars 2008

The awesome 2008 Udall Scholarship crew