Conserve Indonesia’s Rainforests

In February 2009, Rainforest Action Network launched a campaign called Don’t Bag Indonesia’s Rainforests, which drew attention to the plight of Indonesia’s precious forests and indigenous communities who are greatly affected by illegal logging for paper and palm oil. Don’t Bag Indonesia’s Rainforests targeted over 100 fashion companies sourcing their shopping bags from companies like PAK 2000 and Asian Pulp and Paper, both of which had been illegally logging in Indonesia. Gucci Group, Tiffany’s & Co., H&M, Levi Strauss and many other fashion brands began taking concrete action to clean their supply chains of rainforest paper and severing relationships with companies who continue to destroy high conservation and endangered forests.

In 2007, Reuter’s reported much to the international community’s surprise that this Southeast Asian country, which comprises of over 17,500 islands and nearly 230 million people, became the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses worldwide, right after the United States and China. The culprit – illegal burning and logging of Indonesia’s precious rain forests, which are being stripped for palm oil plantations for biofuels, foodstuffs, and beauty products – as well as paper, which can be used for everything as shopping bags to paper for the publishing industry. At the rate of forest destruction, Indonesia’s forests and biodiversity will be lost in less than 15 years.

Stay tuned for more of my work with Rainforest Action Network – and come out to support one of my most beloved organizations.

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