Author the first editorial series on sustainable fashion for an international print magazine.

When I first started to explore the nexus of sustainability and fashion back in the early 2000s, the one thing that I was most impressed by were the dedicated designers working tirelessly on their craft—all while maintaining a rigorous commitment to ethical sourcing, production and design. Their stories were barely being told online—let alone in print. And if it were one thing that all these brands had in common—it was a good, solid story! I asked one forward-thinking magazine, based out of Wellington, New Zealand and headed by Publisher Jack Yan if they would be interested in running an editorial and photo series on these designers called Behind the Label. It would be, in essence, a conscious look into my closet all while telling the deep stories behind each of the labels. It was, like Lucire, ahead of its time on this type of reporting, but nevertheless paved the way for more conversation around conscious fashion.


A collection of images from the Behind the Label series featuring the ethical jewelry label, Brilliant Earth. Photography: Jon Moe

In addition to articles for Behind the Label, I began acting as the U.S. Editor for Lucire, penning stories on culturally-relevant topics, such as body image, fair trade, and trends in sustainable design.

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