A fresh perspective

“There is power in storytelling,” Summer Rayne says. “From cave walls and campfires to conferences and intimate conversations, we’ve been sharing our stories since the dawn of time.”

Driven by the desire to share environmental issues to a wider audience, Summer Rayne has been telling her own stories throughout her journey as environmental scientist and entomologist to world-renowned fashion model. The inimitable route from rainforests to runways has given the model-activist a most unique perspective. A rare combination of scientist, fashion icon, adventure-seeker and passionate advocate for the environment, she constantly brings a fresh and informed perspective to the world around us.

Her best-selling style guide, Style, Naturally has been lauded by many for it’s personal, accessible and engaging writing style. And her work as Editor-at-Large for ABOVE Magazine expertly fuses her aesthetic vision with a visionary perspective on the environment. “Summer Rayne Oakes is the only person I know who has the ability to marry the worlds of fashion and environmental responsibility with such authenticity,” says Pete Griffin, Think MTV.

Oakes’ personal musings and articles can be found in numerous print and online outlets, including Lucire Magazine, Abovelive.com, GreenBiz.com, Discovery.com, The Huffington Post, and Virgin.com.