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Restoring forests and lives from the ground up in Mozambique.

These conversations will clear your mind and open up your heart.

SRO Conversations #026: Talking Trash with Tom Szaky


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Just a spoonful of za'atar will help the meat and veggies go down. #MiddleEastern #cooking#OccupyHongKong is happening right now... People have rose up to fight for democracy. Check out the videos on Instagram. It's escalating. #China went ahead to create a #mediablackout about the whole activity. Too much slips between the cracks...Pass along.I garnished this dish O So Good. Thai Nom Sod with scallions, pine nuts, lavender and a heap of ginger root. Locally-sourced madness. #locavore @goodeggsnyc  #thefeedfeed #dinner #cookingWent all out on #cooking. We made adzuki bean stew; coconut forbidden black rice; Spanish-style smoked paprika long grain brown rice; rice pilaf with toasted almonds and golden raisins; and sautéed tempeh from @Barrystempeh on @goodeggsnyc ... Quite the meal! #healthy #wholemeal #eatingwell #cleaneatingFirst time for everything: @joeyldotcom and I brought Martín @mvhildebrand to #Zoma to experience his first #Ethiopian meal. It was well worth the exchange of 40-years of unbelievable stories from the #Colombian #Amazon.  There are some people that you are so thankful for...people whose very energy, their entire way of being is a gift to this planet. I can honestly say Martín is one of those people. Nice to be able to share this moment with my other #truefriend @joeyldotcom. Looking forward to traveling to the Amazon with you. 2015. 🌿👍💚Experimenting with a lot of #herbs and #spices today. Creating flavor profiles to help enhance my #cooking! #cheffery at its #bestery!It's getting to be that time of year again: the time of year when I can cocoon myself up in the coziest of sweaters. My fave: Lara Miller's, which she creates right here in the U.S. Each can be worn several ways. #style #fashion #sweaterseason #cozyMeet my friend Martín. He first canoed through the Amazon Rainforest in 1972 during a time when the indigenous peoples of the areas were still enslaved by rubber tappers. He asked a man why he was working in the rubber plantations and the man said he was Between the People's Climate March and the Climate Summit, we decided to pull out full support for the indigenous communities at the Equator Prize Initiative. 25 community groups will be celebrated tonight. With @joeyldotcom  #UNDP #community #equatorprizeBuckle up! It's time to head over to the UNDP Equator Prize Awards Ceremony. This is an event that celebrates 25 exemplar indigenous groups fighting climate change in their communities. More stories from the evening's affairs coming soon... #UNDP #event #climatechange #climatemarchStrawberry parfaits with almond cream and toasted almond, coconut and mint.Ayurvedic cooking. Bean-mushroom kofat patty and panir, which is essentially ricotta. #ayurvedic #veggie #healthy #Indiancooking #vegetarian #makingcheese #cheese #thefeedfeedToday I'm concentrating on Ayurvedic cooking. Here some spinach, chiffonade for some mung dal. #ayurvedic #healthy #veggie #thefeedfeed #vegetarian #cooking #healthylifestyleDay in, day out. #clean #flawless #skinGot to hang with this babe tonight: Roboticist and kinetic furniture designer Jessica Banks. Quite the evening filled with love and rockets.Clean living today. #instabraid #hair #makeup #braids thanks as always @okhizver for my favorite style.#Dinner tonight: pan-fried zucchinis with basil and goat cheese (from farmer's market), artichokes, oven-roasted purple carrots from farmer's market, and lamb chop with salt and rosemary. #thefeedfeed #hungry #locavoreHad a perfect home cooked meal on this rainy day: made some oven-roasted acorn squash (first of the season!!), zucchini and purple carrot noodles with olive oil, salt and basil (all sourced from the farmers market in McCarreon Park), and fresh shrimp in Kreimheild Dairy butter and parsley sourced on @goodeggsnyc ... #locavore #healthy #dinner #thefeedfeed#raw, #organic, #sprouted cinnamon pecans are nature's #superfood. They have high levels of antioxidants and by sprouting them you do away with any nutritional inhibitors. Live enzymes are activated and the food helps regulate your sugar. You'll be seeing more of these guys in #sugardetoxmeThis was one of my fondest memories shooting with the great #PeterBeard in St. Tropez. Everyone who knows Peter knows he's crazy brilliant. We did a rendition of Eve jumping out of the forest, which in reality was a 20 foot escarpment with a double mattress below. I may appear as if I'm floating, but I'm really hurling myself off a cliff after having climbed up the cliff nearly 30 times to get various shots😱. It was quite the workout and particularly trying for someone who is not fond of heights. Shot in #StTropez. Apologies for those who do not like private bits. I edited those out with the handy, dandy stars that people like to use, which makes me look more like a burlesque Eve. #extremephotography #jump #workout #adamandeve #forest #nature #photographyFeels like Christmas all over again. Red and green peppers stuffed with quinoa, pine nuts and parsley. #thefeedfeed #healthy #veggie @goodeggsnycThe night had just begun @damon_baker @adazanditon

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