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Restoring forests and lives from the ground up in Mozambique.

These conversations will clear your mind and open up your heart.

SRO Conversations #026: Talking Trash with Tom Szaky


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Seriously special lunch today. Roasted sun gold tarts and butter head lettuce with stone fruits. #thefeedfeed #veggie #healthy @goodeggsnycMeeting with Alana from @sanghayogashala became a reunion with this guy @bsirgutz from @huffingtonpost. #BrooklynLunch today was extra delicious...especially those yellow beans and heirloom tomatoes! #locavore #thefeedfeed @goodeggsnycFrom the photo files of @damon_baker ...@jbregel was getting totally up close and personal today. #dentistchair #macroGoing up. @nextmodelsHad one of those delightful dinners yesterday with some old and some new friends. Thanks @chesireparlour for the invite.Goodnight. Ph: Marko Cecic-Karuzic, in my room.Just made: Fresh iced mint tea with iced mint cubes. Here's a little secret: Made the ice cubes with San Pellegrino. #refreshingWalk that way... Back from the gym. I really love to move, really I do... #run #exercise #fitnessToday I pretty much got to have dinner with some of the most beautiful women in the world--both inside and out. @annawrossetti @gelilab 👧 @ferchidelapuente and @robinisajones ... @bunnacafe #EthiopianSteamed clams. Now up on. #sugardetoxme. Think I ate about 100 of them.Washing rainbow and purple carrots from @goodeggsnyc today. Going to be doing some roasting. #healthy #fresh #locavore #cooking #thefeedfeedWalking through Ilha de Moçambique. This was the hallway leading to one of the many underground cisterns built in the 16th Century. This whole area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. #travel #Mozambique #africa photo by @estherhavensLove looking back at these photos. Moment captured by @estherhavens in Ilía de Moçambique. #Mozambique #AfricaPlanning a weekend @bunnacafe trip with my boos @gelilab and @robinisajones... @ferchidelapuente let me know if you're in. @kyleighkuhn wanna jump on the #BunnaBandwagon? 💃👯❤️Last week I made a mess @bunnacafe making the most delicious #Ethiopian dishes, which I'll later highlight on Highly recommend going to their cafe or taking a cooking class. Look, even that dude in the back couldn't hold back his excitement... Tweeting and such. 😋 #cooking #feasting #thefeedfeedRiptastic. Seriously, sometimes I scare myself sometimes. #abs #fitness #body #exercise #boxingMeet Allan Schwarz. He's the smiley dude in the back. He lives and works in Mozambique, having founded the Mezimbite Forest Centre after the civil war in the 90s. Highly recommend anyone who is remotely interested in working in sustainable development or truly sees giving their life Shock. Awe. Geometry. Captured by @damon_baker and featuring the stunning geometric tailoring of the ever-talented @adazanditonIn my room reading my favorite author: Guy Murchie...someone far ahead of his time and still relevant today. Captured by Marko Cecic-Karuzic.Got another beautiful letter from a dinner gathering from @loijordon. 'Twas a delicious evening of fun, fare and delightfully compelling conversation. With @jerrypura @damanibaker @cameron_r and Mas and Oliver whom are both not on Instagram. Waawaa.

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