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Restoring forests and lives from the ground up in Mozambique.

These conversations will clear your mind and open up your heart.

SRO Conversations #026: Talking Trash with Tom Szaky


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Time for #roadtrip with @jessicabanks and @simonsinek. Off to DC then Lynchburg to hang (every pun intended given Lynchburg's history) with @lelandmelvin.We pulled up to the small transportation town on the Zambezi about 45 minutes behind schedule. A queue of cars was parked perpendicular to the great river. Drivers in pick-up trucks that carried 30 men deep waited around the vehicles, laughing and mingling. There is no bridge crossing the Zambezi. Instead a giant ferry--an inefficient transportation system perpetually funded by the Dutch government--carries cars and passengers across for a few metical per person. #mozambique #mozambiquediaries #africa. Photo @estherhavensRecently got to have dinner at @bunnacafe with @estherhavens. Meeting up always brings back memories of our first trip through the #Mozambique countryside with Allan Schwarz of #Mezimbite. In celebration of those two, I'll be digging up old journal entries from the trip and sharing here. All photos by @estherhavens.Second in the series by @hassankinleycreative for @gq_germany and featuring creations by @carasandesignsThanks @hassankinleycreative for such a badass superheroesque pose (originally from @gq_germany).Damon captured the ecstasy I was having with my last donut peach of the season... Let me just say that the expression says everything. @fishkillfarms #breakneckChick with gears. Modern industrial art. #breakneck #hikingHiking with Damon at #Breakneck in the Hudson Valley. Was an energizing five hour #hike.A delightful birthday night with the  beautiful @ferchidelapuente and new friend @mariannejensen71 #selamatpagibkQuiz of the week: What life form is this? I'll give you a hint: It doesn't have legs.This is me DJing with injera. Thanks so much to @adelacapova for the shot. And @elettraw for cheering me on. #ethiopian @bunnacafeOur ingredients this evening for our #Ethiopian feast. With these lovely ladies @adelacapova @elettraw and @bunnacafe@adelacapova @elettraw and I are  playing sous chef today with #Ethiopian restaurant @bunnacafe.Sometimes the synergy of the universe absolutely boggles the mind. It was just days ago that my mind fell to wondering what was up with my dear friend @noahhuntley whom I hadn't seen in years and Lo and behold I get a call today and here he is! Noah is one of my deeply spiritual and centered friends and an extremely talented actor to boot. You'll be able to spy his handsome face in the new #Dracula movie and some other exciting projects. #friends #kismetLove the cherub nature of @becwinnel's artwork. She did this off a photo shot by @anoukmorgan for @peppermintmag. Love, love, love. Thanks Bec!Did some amazing #yoga in the park with @elenabrower and about 100 others. This pose got me thinking about a whole new genre of yoga. This would be the How to Take Shit in the Woods pose. We'd also practice Don't Talk About My Mama deep breathing. Thanks to @rameet for invite a and photo.#Yoga in the park ... Was able to snap a photo of @rameet in total zen mode as the sun was setting over the Williamsburg Bridge. #BrooklynZen#yoga in the park. #BrooklynIt's that time of year for watermelon #gazpacho with fresh Genovese basil. Super simple, super refreshing. #foodporn #thefeedfeedDeath by blueberries. Photo: @georegulus . . . It's the end of blueberry season and man is my tummy full! #blueberries #farm #fruitFarm life. @fishkillfarms #peachtopia2014.Just met the cutest little pup: A miniature husky! These little paws won't be pulling any kind of sled any time soon. #puppyporn

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