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Restoring forests and lives from the ground up in Mozambique.

These conversations will clear your mind and open up your heart.

SRO Conversations #026: Talking Trash with Tom Szaky


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Brand new toy. #DroneMe. Don't worry though, it has a worthy, environmentally-minded focus.From my window...Taking a tour of this beautiful old building soon... #DominoDalmatians were soooooo last year. #TimeForCatsIt's smoothie time again. This one: Anita's coconut yogurt; vanilla almond milk; blueberries I picked with @jerrypura and @jzapolski over the summer; strawberries; peaches and a dollop of maple-syrup.Hanging with peeps tonight from James Cameron's Years Project. Bumped into so many amazing folks who have been a part of my life in one way or another... Andy, Tyler, Christiana, Francisco, Susanne, Ann...and met so many others.Just so happens that those lips match that flower...My brother and his girlfriend came in town yesterday...he never likes to pose in any normal fashion. :)Dinner for the evening. An all-local creation compliments of @goodeggsnyc.The close-up for #IvoryRow.A little morning shoot with #IvoryRow luxe cashmere line. Thanks @okhizver for the look.This is what 30min run, 1hr hot Vinyasa, 30 min abs, and 1 hr of boxing looks on a face. Circa yesterday morning. #fabandflushed #workoutThe look for the evening: Super simple and sleek.A tree grows in the Ford Foundation. Waiting for the premier of #YearsLivingDangerously.Those muscles are the direct result of intensive tooth brushing and occasional push-ups. #musclesMoody Brooklyn skyline. #cityscape #skyline #BrooklynFood so bright, colorful and delectable without all those added preservatives. Sunchokes, butternut squash mash, rainbow carrots, and microgreen salad. #fresh #healthy #veggie and #local. @goodeggsnycSun seekers. Herbs and horticultural plants in my kitchen windows. #green #greenthumb #plantsDeserves a GREAT caption. Any takers?A kid's famous answer on a test. The precursor to two guys and a horse.....And this is soooo how I felt about those April showers.April showers bring red umbrellas....I've been crushing on the beta carotene as of late. #carrots anyone?

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