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Restoring forests and lives from the ground up in Mozambique.

These conversations will clear your mind and open up your heart.

SRO Conversations #026: Talking Trash with Tom Szaky


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Meet Allan Schwarz. He's the smiley dude in the back. He lives and works in Mozambique, having founded the Mezimbite Forest Centre after the civil war in the 90s. Highly recommend anyone who is remotely interested in working in sustainable development or truly sees giving their life Shock. Awe. Geometry. Captured by @damon_baker and featuring the stunning geometric tailoring of the ever-talented @adazanditonIn my room reading my favorite author: Guy Murchie...someone far ahead of his time and still relevant today. Captured by Marko Cecic-Karuzic.Got another beautiful letter from a dinner gathering from @loijordon. 'Twas a delicious evening of fun, fare and delightfully compelling conversation. With @jerrypura @damanibaker @cameron_r and Mas and Oliver whom are both not on Instagram. Waawaa.Another gem from @damon_baker in that sexy buckskin by @adazanditon who seems to know a thing or two about playing dress up.Something new this morning: a banana, almond butter, coconut, goji berry, cacao nib, @vega_team, hazelnut milk #smoothie.From the collection of the ever-talented @damon_baker featuring @adazanditon.New crop of purple carrots compliments of Mrs. Meyer's and @goodeggsnyc. Did you know not all veggies are best eaten when raw? Studies show that only 1% of retinoids (precursors to Vitamin A) in raw carrots gets absorbed. Cooking hydrolyzes the cellulose in carrots, releasing more like 30% of retinoids to be absorbed. #veggies #foodfact #fresh #thefeedfeedHandwoven Peruvian dolls in Cusco. #Cusco #PeruNilda Callañaupa Alvarez's mother  at the textile cooperative in Peru. The depth of her gaze was unmatched. #Peru #textilesProcessing my earlier pictures from Peru, I came across this determined woman, Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez, (introduced to me by Anthropologist Wade Davis). Nilda started the CTTC in Cusco. The CTTC's mission is to improve and preserve textile traditions of highest quality in order to benefit families. She has revived ancient patterns and using natural dyestuffs from the field...Not to mention teaching the skills to young Peruvian girls. #textiles #Peru #history #nomad #SouthAmericaAin't no ugly veggies up in this joint. Cooking tonight!My home. By the ever-talented Marko Cecic-Karuzic.I adore this girl. She's off to flying school this weekend. She has 15 hours in the air so far...not to mention just finished a marathon in Prague. @adelacapovaChampion of beautiful photography @anoukmorgan snapped this outside my home #Brooklyn.Took an #Ethiopian cooking class tonight with #Bunna and a whole heap of fun folks....This was our five dish creation. #veggie #vegan #thefeedfeed. If you get a chance visit Bunna in Brooklyn.Men in Brooklyn wear boas.Made some Thai Nam Sod yesterday, inspired by a recipe I first had @goodeggsnyc ... My version of #sugardetoxme recipe up on So good, I'm making it again tonight! #food #thai #foodporn #sugarfreeGetting down with @kenatkinsfitness #boxing #sweating #kicking #grunting. #Fitness at its finest! Damn I love this sport.Brown rice, #vegan amazake sushi #mykitchenbrooklyn, suggested to me for #sugardetoxme by Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce. Great destination place off of Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.Before and after the #boxing #workout with @kenatkinsfitness ... 2 gallons of water down... #exercise #fitnessPunches are getting harder. #boxing like a gangsta with @kenatkinsfitness.

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