Over the past ten years, I've not only started my own companies, but have also consulted with a vast array of clients—lending my ideas, name, image and overall support. This has manifested in a myriad of groundbreaking projects and personal ventures. All listed here—past and present—have been some of the most rewarding. Here's a selection of my favorites to date:

Build a company to make sustainable design possible.

Build community engagement to grow and sustain local food systems.

Help people cleanse themselves from sugar.

Launch and market an environmentally-conscious bedding and bath line.

Creative direct a signature collection of certified-recycled eyewear.

Build a more environmentally-minded action campaign from the inside out.

Create and market the first affordable collection of environmentally-preferable shoes.

Climb to the tops of windmills and sail the open seas on TV.

Serve as the muse for the #1 selling hybrid car in the United States and Japan.

Serve as Editor-at-Large for a magazine that captures the essence of art and the environment.

Author the first editorial series on sustainable fashion for an international print magazine.

Author a best-selling book that puts sustainability and style front and center.