Toyota Prius c

Serve as the muse for the #1 selling hybrid car in the United States and Japan.

If someone representing one of the largest car companies in the world called to say that you were the inspiration behind their latest vehicle—you may just figure it's a crank call. That's what I initially thought when my assistant called to tell me that the designers and engineers at Toyota had been using me as their muse behind their latest hybrid—the Prius c—which was a sportier, more compact version to the ever-popular Prius. Inspired by my life and work, Paul (lead designer of the car) and Graham (lead engineer of the car) admitted that they felt that I embodied the "young, active eco-optimist" and went so far as to create a paint color "Summer Rain" in my honor (though it's the "proper" Old English spelling and so as not to infringe on any copyrights of course)! Turns out that this active, eco-optimist doesn't drive (Whad'ya expect, I live in NYC!), but that didn't stop me from being totally flattered and thrilled to get behind the wheel. 

P.S. All the people at Toyota and the production company were insistent that I did not see the vehicle at all until the day of filming so they could get my natural reaction. Rest assured, I didn't think they would bring out a bright orange stunner! 

I think I may have scared Paul and Graham a little bit when I confessed I didn't have a license at the time of filming. Being that this car was a prototype and the only one in existence—they were quick to suggest that perhaps I lay off the gas a little.

Note: No Toyota employees were hurt in the filming of this video (wink, wink).


When the Prius c went live, it was much to all of our amazement that "summer rain" quickly became the #1 selling color and the most popular hybrid in the U.S. and Japan. Muse on. 




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