I like to design and work on creative solutions
to some of our greatest environmental challenges.


These are things like improving our supply chain with technology, designing more environmentally-sound products, creating entertaining media with a message, helping people eat better, and bringing back the joy of movement to a sedentary world.

Then I tell inspiring stories that encourage people to pause—
think, laugh a little, and even act.

I sometimes do this as a masked crusader.

It works.



Summer Rayne Oakes has spent the last decade infusing sustainable-thinking and practices into the heart of the fashion and beauty industries. Over the last five years she has authored the best-selling book Style, Naturallyserved as a correspondent on Discovery Networks; designed environmentally-preferable lines with PaylessPortico and Modo eyewear; and co-founded Source4Style, an award-winning marketplace that connects thousands of designers in 80 countries to sustainable material suppliers in 38 countries around the world.

She and her work have been featured in a range of media outlets worldwide including: CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue, Vanity Fair, L'Officiel, Above, GQ, Natural Health, INC, Forbes, and many others. Outside magazine called her a "Top Environmental Activist," Amica listed her as one of the "Top 20 Trendsetters under 40," and CNBC named her one of their "10 Best Green Entrepreneurs." In 2013, she was one of eleven women featured in the iconic Pirelli Calendar shot by photographer Steve McCurry of Afghan Girl fame.

In 2012, Toyota introduced the sportier more compact version of the Prius C to the market—inspired by Summer's own life and work (they even went so far as to name a paint color in her honor). That same year, Oakes went on to release her first short film—the highly-lauded eXtinctionfor which Harvey Weinstein called, "An important film that everyone must see," and anthropologist and author Wade Davis praised the film as, "An elegy, a poem, a cry from the heart from an inspired artist and devoted sister of the natural world." On the heels of her last 38-episode podcast—SRO Conversations, which launched in 2013, Oakes released a new series entitled IDEA NOSH featuring hour-long conversations with well-respected luminaries and notable people who shape our world.

Broadening out from what we wear to what we eat, Oakes has been helping the Good Eggs team—a farmer's market meets online grocer—with grassroots level community engagement to ultimately help grow and sustain local food systems. Most recently she launched SugarDetox.Me to help guide people on a 30-day sugar detox. She graduated cum laude from Cornell University with degrees in Environmental Science & Entomology. You may often see her in Brooklyn walking her African millipedes or flexing her green thumb in her indoor plant gardens.